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 is helping Entertainment Entrepreneurs, The Dreamers, with the knowledge, sources and contacts to make it come true.... Updated April, 2015 is a resource for  Entertainment Funding,  Funding newsletters, Video Interviews, events and mostly a home for Film Makers, TV producers, Directors, Writers, Animators, Theatre Producers -Directors - Play writers and Theatre owners, Packagers, Brokers and Web developers to connect with current and new entertainment investors. We are helping Entertainment  needs and matching it with investors. Where investors from around the country and the world can make a presence and let Hollywood know they are interested in funding a project. 

DISCLAIMER: At the present time, is a networking source and serves in a consulting capacity.  All  projects placed within the site or referred to privately, and all offers for projects are subject to the rules of each state the prospective project is working from.  We are not offering securities or investments, rather the projects listed within and dozen of others not listed which are for showing potential interest to qualified parties. Any interest in participation in a given project, would be between the producers and an interested party.

The Following are real working examples and only show a few projects we have under agreement.

We have many other projects, from media funds with dozens of ready to go films, slates of films, animation, web entertainment to entertainment web communities

Disclaimer / Submissions

Jimi Hendrix publishing rights, film, TV and Book rights.

  1. Available: The full PPX International Inc., music publishing company with over 30 songs with The Late Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight together , recordings /music/ publishing rights, museum items, Plus other publishing rights from known artist  from the owner of PPX the Rock Music Hall of Fame recognized impresario, Edward Chalpin. This opportunity, under the right hands can be worth much more than that starting prices of,  $10,000,000.   The Masters to this collection were recently sold to a major label, but shared release will be included with the sale. 

  2. Film, TV and book, Title: Jimi Hendrix, Behind the Mask and or alternative names. estimated budget $50M  to $100M
    The real story on Jimi Hendrix
    TV series. The music business from the 50s through 2014 as seen through the Eyes of Ed Chaplin owner of PPX International. 


PPX publishing rights with Jimi Hendrix/Curtis Knight, Jimmy Cliff and others. 

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Film , TV, Book


Title:  Media Fund   estimated budget $100M  to $500M
A full Media fund is being developed
Holding Company to fund a wide variety of Media Projects
Industry Media and Entertainment  


Media Fund   
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TalentVille (non film, but the guts of all films, writers in an amazing growing community)

From the Creator and Co-Founder of Final Draft…
An online writer’s community and marketplace connecting Hollywood with screenwriters the world over!

 Available partnership in Equity Funding (interested parties note, budget and buy in amount may vary due to current success)



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New Postings films and other projects

TV Show

TV  Show “World’s Next Big Thing TM
and or
“ America’s Next Big Thing TM  or “ The Next Big Thing TM” or
“The Entrepreneurs”
“What’s Your Next Big Idea TM

This show and its names are copyright and  the TM of 
Eagle Entertainment Group (com) ......... 2015

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From the request of numerous horror film makers, came a few with A list credentials and notoriety, to Oscar and Emmy winners, all for doing films they are interested in, and all for under $1 Million. So it was recognized that we had a machine for making horror at the highest levels, so we acquired the domain, and began to build a new company.

Horror film market is a large part of the entertainment business, many horror films are never seen and made in the garage or on ultra low budgets, and others from the Exorcist was the horror film that grossed more than any film of its time. 

Estimated budget $3M for 3 top films and web/company operations. 

This is an amazing collection of film makers that have united to form an A List horror film company. Some have garnished Oscars, Emmys, producers from Texas Chain Saw Massacre, to the very packager/agent of the first Exorcist, and actors that have seen silver screen that are new, to
actors that were in black and white films. Now gearing up for what can provide in talent, distribution, FX, and funding. 


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Blood and Moonshine the movie.
Blood and Moonshine a Harvey Lowry film.
The Approximate budget on this film $800,000, with a production value of approximately $3M to $10M

From the Oscar winning FX producer Harvey Lowry, of such films as;  Pirates of the Caribbean, Blade, Scary Movie 4, The Passion of the Christ, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and many more, comes the Blood and Moonshine.  

The level of filmmaking within this Horror films has made films that have made Hundreds of millions to billions in box office and after markets. And have now teamed up with their talent and contacts to make Horror films and with budgets below a million. 

Producers/Director, Harvey Lowry & group have won two Academy Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with six nominations and have garnered two Emmys. His work can be seen in such films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Blade, Scary Movie 4, The Passion of the Christ, to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & more.

Producer/Writer Chris Kobin, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, Driftwood, Hood of Horror, and many other credits to his name. 

DP:  ROGER MENDE  Has directed and or DP on such films as, Open Fire, The Scheme, Lightspeed, Silent Assassin to many others.

STARS:  Steven Bauer, Roger England, Edward Furlong and others TBO

The Deal: This film is owned and to be produced by A-list film makers with an amazingly low proposed budget of $ 800K  and has the production value, talent, actors and arrangements, of a film whose true budget would be valued at approximately a $3 to $10 Million film. The film’s success is based on the elements mentioned above, and within this business plan, in addition to the full resources of


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Most Popular Corpse.  Budget 630,838 / $200 in soft, and 25% tax rebate

From the Producer of Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Jeffrey Allard.
Jeffrey Allard , Edward Cieplinski, Lorin McCraley and Rob Walker 
Directors: Rob Walker and or TBO
Written by:
Lorin McCraley
and Edward Cieplinski
Cast: Eric Roberts
Brad Dourif , Jasmine Waltz , Lorin McCraley, John Diehl.   

All star cast with award winning producer and director.





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Ultra low budget Horror

Films that can be made for under $50,000 
Each film can be shot for about $50k 



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Pending, a dedicated Low Budget Horror funding site. 


Motion pictures , funding structures and possibilities. 

Title:  Entertainment Bonds estimated budget $100M  to $500M
A full Media fund Bond Structure is being developed
  1. Insured Bond Company to fund a wide variety of Media Projects to,
  2. Industry Media and Entertainment.
  3. Or public offering of bond issues.
                                               The name 


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Title: Redemption Estimated budget $6 M,
Genre: Drama / Boxing-Martial arts
Location: Las Vegas
Stars: Attached:
Mekhi Phifer, Sharon Leal, Louis Gossett JR, Houston Alexander, ( updates note listed, but actors and or others have changed)
BJ Penn, and Randy Couture

Writer: Norman May, Jim Rosenthal
DirectorTom Burruss
: Norman May, Jim Rosenthal,
 ( associate) Mekhi Phifer (depending on Schedule)
Executive Producers: John Wellington

Music. TBO

(changes to this project, some actors and information has changed)

Title Redemption. Feature estimated budget $6 M, with $1.5 M in Bank, Letter of interest from Lionsgate with statements in sales up to $80 M. Stars attach and bankable in their respectable markets.



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"Whisper In My Good Ear" Dark Comedy  Estimated budget $10, Mil
Feature Film, Arlene Martel Writer/Actor/Producer A list stars attached


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Title "Sue"     Estimated budget $5 to $10 M
Western Feature Film
Feature Film


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Title "Leif - The Viking"         Estimated budget $75,Mil
Genre   Drama/period film
A story of Leif Eriksson, the son of Erik the Red.
Feature Film


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Genre Action / Sifi    
Budget: from $5M to $16.5M

PROVING GROUND: From the Adventures of Captain Redlocks


More on this
Seasoned TV and Film Production company opening its doors with parties interested in making films for $500,000 Budgets.  A list film makers for Family Films.  Each film budgeted at $500k 



Email for
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Studio Films  $5m to $15M singles films or slates available.


We are currently representing Studio level Films. Many have A List talent and Production teams. In many cases there is 1st money in, in the form of equity or LOC.  These are only available for co financing to qualified parties.  Referring agents welcome.



   Email for
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The Phone Room. Animation for TV

Estimated budget,
50K to $100K 1st show. New Budget. 
$1.3MM for 13 shows.
$1MM for web applications 
total of $3.3M

A animation series about daily life in a phone solicitation Boiler Room and the people they call. Also with interactive Web applications for marketing the show, and mass internet sales.



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There are different levels of funding now available through our associates. available levels of funding.

If you are a broker or have a track record of funding, or have a unique means for acquiring funding, let us know. Hollywood Funding Brokers Welcome

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We have several well developed feature films, some with stars and distribution and other projects in development and even some with money attached. A List Films

FOR INVESTORS: Although the entertainment business can become be very LUCRATIVE, all investments are subject to PARTIAL OR FULL LOSS.  In most cases, you must be an accredited investor to review projects, please review the accredited investors outline before considering any investment. This is not an attempt to sell or solicit securities or seek investor for a given project; it is only a web site trying to help the entertainment business connect to their needs.

Before you mail us anything you must agree that we are not responsible 
and agree to the Disclaimers / Submissions statements


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Disclaimers:  Disclaimer / Submissions

Materials on this website have been prepared by different individuals for general information purposes only and are not legal advice. Transmission of the information is not intended to create, and receipt does not form, a business relationship between the sender and receiver. No one should consider any information posted on the site or via email or any link to be confidential.  Online readers should not act upon any information posted on this website without seeking professional legal advice. Do not send us confidential information, video tapes, scripts, treatments, business plans, a prospectus or any other material until you speak with our office and receive written authorization to send that information to us.

This site is intended to provide accurate and timely information, however, the content of this site may not be complete and may include technical or typographical errors. Information on this site may change at any time. The information published on this site is provided as a convenience and is for informational purposes only. You should verify all information before relying on it or making decisions. All figures and interest rates are provided as a guide only.  (HF)
HF Consultants and it's founders, members, or presenters, assume no liability or responsibility for the outcome of any real estate transaction, decision, or other action that any person may enter into. HF Consultants are not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Adviser. HF Consultants makes no legal warranties or representations of any kind as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. Intermediaries are NOT Advisors of any kind. Clients are urged to perform their own due diligence investigations before entering into any transaction or other contractual relationship.

Disclaimer Two:  (HF)
HF Consultants and it's founders, members, or presenters, assume no liability or responsibility for the outcome of any real estate transaction, decision, or other action that any person may enter into. HF Consultants are not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Adviser. HF Consultants makes no legal warranties or representations of any kind as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. Intermediaries are NOT Advisors of any kind. Clients are urged to perform their own due diligence investigations before entering into any transaction or other contractual relationship.



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